Lambertville – Then and Now

  • Address: 32 Bridge Street
  • Historic Name: Lambertville House
  • Today: Lambertville House
Lambertville House, c. 1923
Lambertville House, c. 1923
Photo courtesy Jeff McVey
Lambertville House, December 2020
Lambertville House, December 2020
Photo: Rich Freedman

In 1814 John Lambert, (May 1746 – Feb. 1823) was serving as United States Senator from New Jersey and he persuaded the Postal Service to open an office at Coryell’s Ferry.

He appointed his nephew, Captain John Lambert (1777 – 1828) as postmaster.

His nephew’s stone tavern and inn on Bridge Street, then known as Lambert’s Inn, was designated as the post office.

Having procured a post office for Coryell’s Ferry, the Lamberts renamed the village Lambert’s Ville.

This outraged the Coryells, who thought the town should be named Georgetown in honor of Captain George Coryell, who had served in the New Jersey forces in the Revolution.

Following Captain John Lambert’s death in 1828, the property changed ownership several times between 1831 and 1923.

In 1923, the hotel became the property of Kerr and Green, who conducted a clothing store at the corner of the property at Bridge and Union Streets. Kerr and Green’s sign can be seen prominently in this photograph.

Over many years and many owners, the building continued to be a lodging establishment.

In 1978 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. By 1987, it was sold to a group of investors in a bankruptcy sale but was never restored.

In 1995 George E. Michael and Co. of New Hope, PA purchased the Lambertville House which had been closed due to condemnation.

When purchased by Mr. Michael it was dilapidated from years of standing empty.

He rehabilitated the building with the aid of a loan from the City of Lambertville and opened the renovated Lambertville House in 1997 as a 24-room boutique hotel. It went on to achieve Four Diamond Status from AAA.

In 2005 George Michael sold the Lambertville House to Edric and MaryEllen Mason.

In October 2015 The Masons sold the Lambertville House to LV House LLC.

Today the Lambertville House is a 24-room boutique hotel with a restaurant and bar offering customized wedding and social event packages, as well as a variety of business meeting rooms and facilities.