Autumn Canal Houses by Jean Childs Buzgo

















Canal Haze by Jean Childs Buzgo

















Horse Stables at Howell Farm by Matt DeProspero




















Under Cover by Matt DeProspero


Corner House, Lambertville by Tracy Everly

Cemetery on the Hill by Michelle Farro






























Cemetery with Flowers and Mother Mary by Michelle Farro














Hiking in New Hope by Elissa Goldberg

















The Gardens of Lambertville by Elissa Goldberg













Early Autumn Canal View by Diane Greenberg














The Delaware on a Cloudy Day by Jennifer Kish














Autumn Glow by Bill Jersey














Passing Storm by Bill Jersey














Bowman’s Tower by Kay King













Delaware Morning by Kay King








Phillips’ Mill by Ryan Lilienthal

















Untitled by Ryan Lilienthal
















Afternoon on the Delaware by Helene Mazur

















Magic on the Towpath by Helene Mazur














Browsing in the People’s Antique Store by Shirley Mersky

View from the Bridge at Coryell Street by Shirley Mersky





























Fall on the River by Angela Mikula













Summer Landscape by Angela Mikula














Lambertville Station by Judith Nentwig

















Winter Rest by Judith Nentwig

Just Before Spring by Debbie Pisacreta




When the Bridge was Out by Laura Rutherford Renner

Barn at West End Farm by Charles Sahner













Down the Rabbit Hole by Charles Sahner

Coryell Street Canal Bridge by Carol Sanzalone

Delaware River Adventure by Carol Sanzalone

The Shad Shack by Kelly Sullivan

Field Walk, Lower Creek Road by Ann Thomas

Look Don’t Look by Ann Thomas

Morning Reflections by Helena van Emmerik-Finn

Scale House – Prallsville Mills by Helena van Emmerik-Finn

August on the New Hope Canal by Eleanor Voorhees

Twilight Zone by Martha Wirkijowski