Past LHS Newsletters

Nugget Masthead 1981

Organized in 1964 the Lambertville Historical Society met challenges over the next several years, accepting responsibility for the Marshall House in the 1970s.  By 1981 it determined the need for a house “organ,” a newsletter, and Volume 1, Number 1 appeared in April 1981.

We have located a few issues from the 1980s but, due to organizational problems in the latter part of that decade, publication stopped.  Newly revived in the 1990s, LHS came out with a new Volume 1, Issue 1 in spring 1995.  This version of the newsletter continued with three or four issues in most years until 2008.

Recognizing the need to communicate with its members to provide announcements and coverage of LHS events, as well as glimpses of history, in summer 2012 the Society started the current iteration of the Lambertville Historical Society Newsletter – The Nugget.  It has been published quarterly since, and all of these issues are available below.

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Nugget Newsletter 2023 – Winter   Spring   Summer   Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2022 – Winter   Spring   Summer   Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2021 – Winter    Spring   Summer   Autumn       

Nugget Newsletter 2020 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2019 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2018 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2017 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2016 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2015 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2014 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2013 – Winter   Spring   Summer  Autumn

Nugget Newsletter 2012 – Summer  Autumn

LHS Newsletter 2008 – Spring

LHS Newsletter 2007 – Fall

LHS Newsletter 2006 – Winter  Spring   Fall

LHS Newsletter 2005 – Winter  Spring

LHS Newsletter 2004 – Winter  Summer

LHS Newsletter 2003 – Winter  Summer  Fall

LHS Newsletter 2002 – Winter Spring Summer

LHS Newsletter 2001 – Winter  Summer  Fall

LHS Newsletter 2000 – Winter  Summer Fall

LHS Newsletter 1999 – Winter  Spring  Autumn

LHS Newsletter 1998 – Winter  Spring  Autumn

LHS Newsletter 1997 – Winter  Spring  Autumn

LHS Newsletter 1996 – Winter  Autumn

LHS Newsletter 1995 – Spring  Fall

LHS Newsletter 1985 – January  April

LHS Newsletter 1982 –  August

LHS First Newsletters 1981April  November