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James Wilson Marshall House Museum, 60 Bridge Street, Lambertville















The Lambertville Historical Society sponsors events and activities that promote community awareness and appreciation of Lambertville’s history and architecture. The Lambertville Historical Society also maintains and manages the James Wilson Marshall Museum at 60 Bridge St. in Lambertville.  We also collect and preserve items of historical interest and make them accessible for public research.

OUR MISSION: Board approved February 2018

The Lambertville Historical Society promotes, inspires and encourages the preservation and appreciation of Lambertville’s architecture and history through education, community involvement, and preserving and maintaining the James Marshall Museum.

ADA Nondiscrimination Policy

LHS is busy!  See our 2018 LHS & Marshall Museum Year in Review

2019 Officers

  • President   Michael Menche
  • Vice President  Irene Rudolph
  • Treasurer   Laurie Weinstein
  • Secretary   Liz Riegel

2019 Board of Trustees

  • Jeff Campbell
  • Nancy Campbell
  • Fred Eisinger
  • Deborah Galen
  • Suzanne Gitomer
  • Jeff McVey
  • Karen Taylor-Ogren
  • Lou Toboz
  • Mark Weinstein