House Tour 2019

Victorian with Italianate Influences 1873 

The current owners admired this house for a while and when it became available for purchase, they jumped. Their renovation preserved the Victorian style but renewed the utilities and structure.

House Tour 2019

Queen Anne Victorian 1887 

The restoration of this 1887 Queen Anne Victorian has been thoroughly chronicled. Besides being a favorite in former appearances on the LHS annual House Tour, it has been featured in both magazines and on televisionThe current owners chose a combination of historical paint colors for the exterior that not only pleased them but was popular during the time the house was built. They designed and planted a Victorian garden and then transformed the interior.


House Tour 2019

Vernacular with Victorian Touches  2017

While recently constructed, this home offers a nod to Lambertville’s past.  The owner wanted the look of the new home to blend well with the City’s mix of architectural styles. The Victorian period of the late 1800s inspired the final plans for the exterior. The inside spaces were designed to be comfortable and welcoming and to offer all the conveniences of a modern built home while still featuring period trim, cabinetry and layout


House Tour 2019

 Vernacular circa 1888

The history of this brick building and its next door twin is largely varied. Beginning as a single family home, it was used as a manse for a local church and later joined with its neighbor to become part of a nursing home and was more recently restored and converted to apartments.  One airy apartment is on the tour.


House Tour 2019

Vernacular circa 1860 

It isn’t known whether these petite nineteenth century vernacular homes were built to house workers during the Industrial Era in Lambertville, but they are similar to many other “workers homes” that sheltered large families throughout the City in its industrial heyday after the Civil War.

House Tour 2019

Federal style circa 1868 

Over the decades many families called the small residence home while many fads came and went.  It took an entire year of renovation to construct new walls and new ceilings, to unearth the original pumpkin pine floors, convert the old crumbling fireplace to gas and gut the entire kitchen.  The owners’ sophisticated taste in decor and local art is evident in all three floors and seven rooms.


House Tour 2019

Union Fleet Wing Fire Museum

Union Fire Company /Board of Fire Commission, District #1

The Union Fire Company was incorporated in 1864 and operated from a single-bay Victorian style firehouse on Church Street. By 1980 a small fire and the need for larger bays for the larger firetrucks resulted in construction of this facility and relocation. The Fleet Wing Company, incorporated in 1864, was originally in a circa 1867 single-bay Victorian style firehouse on North Main Street and moved to this facility in 2006. 

For the tour, there is a museum inside with displays, collections, as well as the 1923 Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine that is a 900 gallon piston pumper.  It has been preserved and has had several major restorations and is a welcome guest at local and regional parades. Don’t miss this impressive museum and fire company!

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