Local Artists Discuss History, Technique and Inspiration – Part 3

Following is the last set of insights from artists participating in Plein Air Plus on March 10.

What is there about Lambertville and the Delaware Valley’s historic character that inspires you as a painter?

History and character of the area. I feel like I am doing paintings that are more meaningful and recognizable; a “since of place.”

Richard Hoffman 

The artistic events, the hustle bustle of the town, the friendliness of the people, and the natural beauty of Lambertville and the Delaware River area inspire me as a painter.

Pat Proniewski

Living in New Hope and the beauty of our area is perfect for a landscape painter. The beauty of Bucks County and Hunterdon County is my primary source of inspiration and my painting locations are all within a 10-mile radius. I look for everyday locations and examples of nature people often fail to see in their daily travels.

Roy Reinard 

Lambertville reminds me quite a lot of my hometown of Manasquan in Monmouth County at the coast of central New Jersey. It too is full of history and much of my childhood was spent outdoors near the ocean and surrounding waterways. Lambertville has the same feel to me.

Megan Lawlor

I’m continually inspired by all the various types of architecture the spans the decades, the quaint shops, restaurants and cafes and their unique signage. And with all the changing seasons, I’m always getting a fresh look at the area. Lambertville and the surrounding river towns bring me great memories and joy that I like to capture in paint.

Jean Childs Buzgo 

As a plein air landscape painter, I’m inspired by the wealth of landscapes–woodlands, streams, rivers, farm fields, gardens, hills and valleys– as well as the changes that come with the four seasons. The talented artists that live here generously share their art and inspire me to do better.

Jeff Charlesworth 

Born in Cuba and raised in a city in northern NJ, I came to Hunterdon County because of my attraction to its open landscape its picturesque towns and boroughs filled with history and a small-town charm. Lambertville as a destination town today has a close-knit community that attracts artists and their viewers. When I was a young artist I thought about living near the Delaware Valley and creating my work there.

Aida Birritteri 

The river and the varied landscape entice my eye. I see so many possibilities for new compositions, capturing with color the changing light, and the serenity of this region.

David Sommers

The river and canals, the light, the charming and unique small towns full of interesting people, buildings and landscapes.

Susan Twardus Faith

I’m inspired by the rich artistic history of Lambertville and the Delaware Valley…to know that I am painting the same landscapes that artists of the New Hope School painted is incredible. I’m walking the same paths that they did and viewing the same beauty that they did.

Cindy Ruenes

We hope to see you at Plein Air Plus!

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2 Responses to Local Artists Discuss History, Technique and Inspiration – Part 3

  1. Totally enjoyed reading these statements which reflects so many things I feel and agree with as an artist living in Erwinna, a Delaware Valley village Community. I enjoy plein air painting and the camaraderie of my fellow plein air artist friends.

  2. Lynn Mackler says:

    My Grandfather owned 28 York Street in the
    1920’s through the 30’s. My Mother and her
    three siblings grew up in this wonderful home.
    At that time it was a lovely single family home.
    My Grandfather, Morris Mackler also owned
    much of the property on the main commercial
    street of Lambertville. I believe his photograph
    was placed in the Marshall Museum sometime
    ago. He was one of the originators of the annual
    Halloween parade in town and the Shad Festival.
    My family is included in photos in the book,
    “Images of America”.

    What you know if 28 York Street will be on a
    future house tour? Although, I believe it was
    turned into a condominium some years ago.
    Please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Lynn Mackler

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